What is it?

Focus on the main stages of Edahlion’s editing:


The first half of 2016 is dedicated to the recruitment and technical organization of the editors: we have to make sure that everyone has the license of the software used, the adequate PC, and copy all the rushes before we can get to work.


There are 17 chapters
to be divided between 5 people!


Then, we plunge into the long task of sorting out the rushes, all the more difficult as the shootings are not chronological. It is also necessary to synchronize the sound and the image: during the shooting, the sound was captured by a separate recorder and it is thus necessary to make sure that it sticks very exactly to the image!


Editing days

The editors meet for several days or even weekends of editing.


13 Février 2016


Editing is usually a solitary job, and these moments allow us to encourage and motivate each other. This is far from being obvious when you have an already busy schedule…


Because yes, at Trustwonder,
we are volonteers !


And to add to the challenge, computer and software compatibility problems between the files are coming up…


The overall editing

Michel then gathers the work of each editor and optimizes it to give it a uniform look.

It is now time to convene a “critical committee”: members of the project’s management team, with the addition of one or two eagle eyes. Their mission will be to view the edited images, to determine their relevance and to propose modifications in this sense. From this comes, for example, the decision to do additional filming… which will still have to be sorted and synchronized, and finally inserted into the overall montage.


At this point, have created specific video renders for sound design, composition and special effects.

April 2018: the global editing (editing of all the scenes one after the other) benefits from the final adjustments!

At the same time, color grading is done: a step that consists of applying filters to the film in order to improve the visual rendering, create moods, make the images more aesthetic, and harmonize the brightness and colors.



Etalonage Edahlion


Only then do we take care of the final editing: we associate the edited images with music, sound effects and special effects. Finally, we export the masters (i.e. the copies of the film) for broadcast.


One minute of film
is 5 hours of editing!


You want to know more about the challenges of this exercise? Discover here the testimony of Fabien (fr), one of the editors!