In this section you will find a compilation of various historical documents, which deal with subjects as diverse as politics, social organization and the religious system in Edahlion.





Edahlion’s society



Seventeenth day of July,

Three hundred and second year of the Era of the Lords



As far back as I can remember, Edahlion has been a monarchy. Several kings have succeeded each other on the throne, maintaining relative peace and loyalty to their god, the Protector.



Until that dark period
when the Master of Shadows, Arkahlan,
plunged the kingdom into chaos.



The scars are still alive today, 400 years later…


An oligarchy

At present, the kingdom is ruled by a group of aristocrats, the Lords of Edahlion. Its capital, of the same name, is dominated by the royal castle, where the majority of the nobility also resides. The rest of the country is rural, with farmers, artisans, merchants and workers, especially in the towns, who live off the local resources. Most of the inhabitants own their land or farms and pay an annual tax to the ruling caste.


The army

The country is protected by a large army, and a determined sergeant can quickly lead a troop as a captain and a battalion as a commander. The Lords of Edahlion are the supreme military leaders.



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The enemies

Necromancers are the ancient enemies of the Edahlians: fallen men in the service of evil, they worked in the shadows to gain ever greater power. Most of them were worthless scum.



But all were slaves
to an infamous oath,
the horror of which
a glove could not hide.



Among them, the oracles were promising necromancers: a solid training allowed them to acquire at least one main power. These recruits, usually quite young, were trained by experienced mentors who would shape both their practice and their minds. The Grandmasters, for their part, formed a Council

of the twelve most powerful necromancers; they reported to Arkahlân himself, the creator of the Necromancer Order.

All this information I have learned from the many manuscripts I have collected and studied into my old age. Now, at the threshold of my life, I fear that evil times still await Edahlion…


Extract from the diary of


Monk historian of Delor’Uhn




consecration ceremony


About the first century of the Age of the Lords


By dedicating his life to the service of the Ancient Spirit, the monk chooses a life of renunciation away from the world.



“Here I am,” replies the novice when his name is called. The leading monk asks him the ceremonial question :

“Who are you, you who stand before the Stones of the Oath?”

He kneels before the altar and turns his hands palms upwards.

“I am only what I am before the One who is All, the Protector.”

“What do you ask before the Stones of the Pledge?”

He places his forehead on the first step of the altar.

“I ask for His protection.”

Two monks took off his brown robe and put on the blue robe.

“His protection is granted to you. – What have you to offer before the Oathstones?”



my mind,
seeking the truth



He passes a cloth wet with clear water over his face, and places it on the altar.



my soul,
ardent and benevolent



He cuts a lock of his hair and places it on the cloth.



my heart,
straight and fair



He slits his finger and drops a few drops on the first two offerings.


“Your offering finds favor in His eyes. Assembly, what do you declare before the Stones of the Oath? – We declare that this one becomes one of us. Three monks come before him and take turns kissing him on the forehead.

-We will welcome you.

– We will train you.

– We will lead you.”


A song of consecration concludes the enthronement ceremony.


Archive of the monastery of Thienvidst,

location unknown