Who are we?

Behind “Edahlion, the orphan kingdom”, a team of young people passionate about cinema and the medieval-fantasy universe: Trustwonder. Active since 2011, we invest ourselves voluntarily for the creation of this feature film.



Edahlion is a large-scale project that brings together talents over the long term. It promotes the meeting of all ages and all backgrounds but also the discovery of its gifts with on-the-job training. Other groups or individuals with similar interests will join our ranks: medieval musicians, horsemen, comedians, bowmen, etc.

If the lead team is only composed of a dozen people, more than 500 people will have participated in the adventure, during the shooting or outside.


This film is also a local cultural project, supported by a majority of Alsatians; the emphasis is on this region, rich in exceptional built and natural heritage, offering Edahlion the ideal setting to tell its epic story.

Through the story of Vustan, a captain haunted by his demons and the terrible fate of his kingdom, we wish to evoke the profound realities of the human being. Our goal is to encourage reflection and exchange around the values that are ours, guided by our belief in God.


Producing a quality cinematographic work is also one of our objectives. We have invested in professional equipment such as the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, a gyroscopic stabilizer and a drone.

“Through many twists and turns
we hope to transport you into the world of Edahlion
to make you live a very good moment of cinema!”
Sébastien Gunther, actor



If you want to know more about the group, our functioning and our partners, it’s here: trustwonder.com (fr)