This is the section devoted to popular arts and traditions: customs or legends inherited from the collective memory, transmitted through the ages by the word of the elders.





Winter’s icy ray fell on her eyelid,

And her bed was cold at her side.

They shut her in stone, and her heart with her.

The silver band broke and the earth swallowed him up,

The place of honour was forgotten and the people cursed him.

And his eyes and his soul disappeared

In the devouring flame escaped from the terrors of the



Thus was born the Master of Shadows.



Hundred and fourteenth year
of the Era of the Lords






Asteg‘em yergi ernir
heros berbagun hamana
berit nasuh‘em vordu
ohapah, ovumé

Gehet’si khoti hilzu
sarrer yetmarga tinnen
Batsa yazor utyam
iskezen, pasterni

Lerru tuni lerny
Yeva dahin aren
Schuni parnu kyeh’vo
haveren, hut’yan

Asa tyer ehnery
Tover rigu terni
Batsa chakum tseget
kunitez, marutan


Asteg‘em yerko’ghovin,
Hinzha manaka selena
Men’tog numy’em dezé
déz’mena, déz’myan

Ancient hymn,

About the third century of the Era of the Kings

I have transcribed it as it was recited to me by the patriarch of a modest village. He did not know the translation. But he revealed to me that every time he hummed it, he felt connected to the god Protector.

What grabbed me was the flame behind the milky veil of his blind eyes.

Yes, this man was vibrating with something else…


On the evolution of language


Monk historian of Delor’Uhn




Blonde or redhead

Here’s a lively tune
that you’re likely to hear in a busy tavern…



Northern mountains,

All the way to the South Sea,

My eyes have never seen more beautiful hair.

Sweeter than yours, there is none.

Who can resist your perfect charms?



Beer, beer, blonde or red,

What is the secret of your beautiful foam?

Beer, beer, blonde or red,

Show me where your beautiful hops grow.



Beer, beer, it’s time,

For sharing your fresh flavours with us!

Beer, beer, it’s time,

Just one sip or I die.



From the valleys of Edahlion,

To the great swamps of the East,

There is no other queen but you, and you alone.

No one else will ever be able to dethrone you,

You will remain my dearest and sweetest forever!


Drinking song,