Here are gathered all the sources found

about the necromancers;  they took heed of the utmost secrecy about their practices, therefore these documents are an inestimable value.
Not to be put in all hands…




The Revelator’s


I will swear allegiance to Arkahlân
and acknowledge him as my Supreme Master.

I will seal this pact by sacrificing one of the limbs of my body
to the Himröst ritual.

I will endure suffering and bear it as the glorious mark of the Chosen.

I will work tirelessly to develop my abilities
to serve the Order of Revelators.

I will resist the call of the powers of the Beyond
and retain absolute control of them.

I will become the bearer of the Revelation and spread it throughout the nations.

I will live according to the commandments
prescribed by the Orderand obey my superiors in all things.

I will cut all ties with my natural family,
to find in the community of the Order my new brothers.

I shall keep  the  secret on  the practices of the Order
towards anyone who is not a member.

I will defend the Cause against any enemy who may harm it,
at the risk of my life.



Twenty-Eighth Year of the Arkahlân Era,
Obscure Manuscript, Volume 7