What kind of Fantasy for Edahlion?

The question makes sense in an already rich literary and cinematographic landscape, with among others “The Lord of the Rings”, “Narnia”, “Harry Potter”, or “Game of Thrones”.



Yes but Fantasy, what is it? First of all, it is the genre of imagination par excellence, the undisputed territory of magic… From it flow several sub-genres, variously understood according to who uses them.

the result?


Edahlion is a “high fantasy” story, i.e., it is set in the


a totally invented universe


as opposed to “low fantasy”: a parallel world connected to ours, and “urban fantasy” where the earth itself is a magical universe.

It also falls into the category of “epic fantasy”, with


a point of view
on a group of heroes


as opposed to “heroic fantasy”, where a single hero, often very caricatured, must save the world; Finally, it comes under “medieval fantasy” (medfan), simply by


an anchorage
in the Middle Ages


with some adaptations of our own.

We could therefore classify this story under the ronflant title of “High epic medieval fantasy” (but we’re not that snobby, so we won’t). However, if these terms allow us to situate it more clearly in relation to other works, they are not enough to define its exact contours… And they do not exhaust the richness of this universe born from the fantasies of a few epic adventure enthusiasts, which you will fully appreciate when it is released!