What kind of Fantasy for Edahlion?

The question makes sense in an already rich literary and cinematographic landscape, with among others “The Lord of the Rings”, “Narnia”, “Harry Potter”, or “Game of Thrones”.



Yes but Fantasy, what is it? First of all, it is the genre of imagination par excellence, the undisputed territory of magic… From it flow several sub-genres, variously understood according to who uses them.

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Profile: Alice, accessory designer

In the preparation of the film, a lot of attention is also given to the props. If some of them can be found on flea markets or on the internet, others… don’t exist yet! So it’s up to the prop makers, artists with magic fingers, to make various objects for us.


Interview with Alice Muller, who lent her time and talents to our project!



who are you?


By profession I am a childcare assistant and I work in a nursery. In life I like to tinker! I’m not too creative but I’m rather good with my hands to reproduce and realize from a model.



How did you get involved
in this project?


I am a friend of Michel J. We were in charge of the youth group in our church, of which we are also both members.



What was your role?
What did you achieve?


With his extravagant ideas he enlisted me (almost by force and without regret) in his adventure, to make some accessories of all kinds: cards, signs, torches (I almost burned everything!…) soft leather shoes (my fingers still suffer from them!)




Can you describe your work ?
what were your challenges?


Working with leather was a first and I enjoyed discovering this noble material. I spent a few evenings cutting and making hundreds of holes to put the laces through. Since then I wear leather slippers in my house and I hunt for leather in fabric markets!


Flaming torches are another story… I’m a girl, not a guy who likes to play with fire… I had to search on the internet to find the best model, then calculate the burning time, to do dozens of experiments to know which substance would burn the longest: cotton, gasoline, wax…



What did you like most
about this experience?


I had a lot of fun and since then I like to play with fire!



A word to conclude?


My contribution is a drop in the bucket but I am happy and honored to have been able to contribute!